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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 29, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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edition of "hannity." i hope you have a great night. >> rush limbaugh -- he's here and he is not holding anything back. it's the interview you will only see right here. welcome to our one-hour special, rush limbaugh on the record. rush talks 2012, the economy and his career. here's rush limbaugh. nice to see i. >> thanks to be here, as always. >> thank you. of course, we love being here. but we blew out your power. >> it's the second time it's happened. we should have been more prepared. but it only kept us off air 3 minutes. >> it's the second time. both times. the only two times. >> next time, i promise, we won't do t. 2012 election. what do you think is the most important issue to conservative
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americans? >> obama! everything obama. that's the most important issue to conservative americans. i don't how you separate obama from his policies. obama is his policies. he's the problem. obama has a vision of this country that is not held by anywhere near the majority of people. do you realize barack obama had run for office in 2008, campaigning on what he has done, wouldn't have got 30% of the vote, if that. which is pretty much comenzerate with the way that i think liberals have to run. they have to mischaracterize who they are, what wantr they want to do. they are a minority this this country issue a minority of thought, but they are not perceived that way. they have the mainstream media with thim. the perception is that they are a much larger block than they really are. nuto single out one thing twould be obamacare. i mean, that sums up, i think
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everything that is disastrous, dangerous, destructive about barack obama, if that health care bill is not reformed, repealed, the country is going to change forever in ways that people cannot imagine. it's going to be a massive loss of individual libertiy and freedom. wonts the government has control of health care and the costs involved, then they can dictate every aspect of the way you live, based on saving money, whether or not you are going to be treated, bases on your age, whether somebody thinks it's worth it to save you if you have a bad disease. it's bad all the way around. people ask me, you really think these things you say about obam a. i do, from the my heart. if you will recall, january 16, before obama was inaugurated, i was asked to write a pies for the wall street journal, 400
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words of what i hope for the president. i remember at that time, everybody was awash in the glow of the first black president, and the historical aspects of it. that didn't matter to me. once he was elected, cool, fine. great achievement. policies matter to me. what's he's going to do. i said to the wall street journal, it won't take 400 word, tell take four -- i hope he fails. i hope everything he wants to do fails. he has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, i'm sure. the national single-payer health care is headed -- huge, huge achievement. the green energy stuff -- that's all a hoax and a fraud, based on another hoax and a fraud, global warming. you know, i do -- get interested in motivation, you know, why politicians do things they do, what motivatings them. a lot of people don't care to get involved in that. i do because i think it's a
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track and it can give you an idea of where they are going in the future, if you understand what motivates them. i have often always suspected that obama has a chip on his shoulder about the country, that he doesn't think of it as great. he doesn't think of it as exception. he thinks of it as criminal in many ways, as guilty, in many ways. he thinks that our super power status was as a result of theft, resources and ideas from other nations, all over the world. he believe the multi-cultural garbang that we came here and kicked the indians off the land and brought in racism, sexism and slavery and homophobism and all of that. i think he wants americans to feel what it's like that live the way we have forced other people to live. he said it, he basically said that the way this country
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founded has never worked. self reliance. the way he characterized it to me was offensive, that everybody was out fending for themselves. self-interest has fed more people than charity ever has. self-interest, everybody trying to do the best for themselves -- not seflgishness, but self-interest, raises everybody up. it offends hitch. he says, it's never worked. 234 years, whatever, america has never worked! the rich are the problem. who believes that the rich are the reason we have an economic mess? he does! or he wants people to believe it. it is offensive. it is outrageous. i don't -- i don't relish the thought of four more years of this. >> is he in your mind a bad guy or different ideology? [laughter] >> one and the same. what do you mean by "bad guy"? that can be loaded. >> a motive, an intentional
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motive to hurt the country versus his ideology is one that the way to achieve ideals is different rauls? >> this is the question. we are living under a number of assumptions about obama that have been presented to us by elites, both parties. one of the illusions is obama's brilliance, that he is smarter than anybody else in the room. he is mesaonic. nobody like obama has trod our soil, is going to unify us, the world was going to love us again, it was going to lower the sea level -- ridiculous. so the question is, is he just dumb? does he really believe this economic stuff? does he really believe that taking capital money out of the private sector and transferring
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it to government and unionings is the way you grow? is that the way -- does he really believe that? is he that ill educated? is he the product of nothing other than the american education system and whoever flnsd him at home when he was young? or is he a marxist socialist with an agenda to cut the country down to size? for me, the answer to the question is irrelevant. whatever he's doing, why he's doing it, it's obvious he is doing it. he is taking steps to head policies that are injurious to the country and to individuals, targeting, as the enemy the people who work in this country. targeting as the enemy, the people who pay tax. this business of occupy wall street crowd, which is his, created, i think on the basis
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that romney was going to be the republican nominee. he is wall street and you get obamaar's band out there to set up to oppose romney. wall street blamed for all of these ills in the economy, like the subprime mortgage problem. the subprime mortgage problem, which is the root of this economic disaster we are in, was strictly created by government. it was a plan designed, as barney frank had said, affordable housing, put people in homes who couldn't afford them. loan them money knowing they can't pay it back. bill clinton started it, jimmy carter, andrew cuomo, they forced lending institutions to make the loans of mortgages that people can't pay back. the lending institutions are holding worthless paper. that's no good. so they come up with ways to create the worthless paper into value by creating mortgage-backed securities that they sell to another group of
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unsuspecting dupes and that kept happening until there was nobody left to buy them. wall street had nothing to do with it. they are a convenient enemy. obama loves to talk about wall street tricked people into coming in and getting the loans -- wall street was heard heard -- was ordered by the government to stop redlining against minorities. it was liberalism on parade. liberalism has given us every problem we are facing facing ins country, without exception. whether liberals are dumb and stupid or uneducated or whether it was purposeful, it's too late. they're doubling down on it, three careers years, every policy to create jobs hasn't worked. there are 2 1/2 million fewer jobs in america than when obamma was immaculated. there are fewer jobs. the universe from which we create the percentage has
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shrunk. the real unemployment -- two people have said this, financial times guys. if the same number of jobs existed when obamma was inaugurated today, as in 2008, the real unemployment rate would be 11%. so it's a disaster. there has been plenty of time to realize it doesn't work and to tochange course and he hasn't done that. he is not going to do because he doesn't believe in it. >> do you think he will get re-elected? >> well, it's a year away. 11 months away. anything can happen. i think if the election were today, no. election today, he would lose in a landslide. i don't believe the conventional wisdom that the republicans only have one person who can beat them. i don't believe the conventional wisdom that hisb $1 billion can dwarfr morph the campaign and that his relationship with the media can help him win.
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the american people are hurting. he cannot say, vote for me for four more years. all he can do is run a negative campaign, tear apart his opponent and tear apart the country in the process. you know caddell and shown wrote a piece, begging him to get out, make way for hillary. they said his only chance is to run such a scorcher campaign that even if he win, he has torn the country apart, divided it worse than it's been in decades, not worth the price of his re-election -- and he wouldn't have a mandate to do anything. i think he is eminently defeatable. i don't believe the inside-the-beltway conventional wisdom. >> you mention hillary clinton, would she have been a different president? >> not ideologically. >> how about in what she accomplished? >> i think she would have sought
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the same kind of thing. i don't know if she would have succeeded in health care. but people have forgotten -- look, they were this close to deeming it passed because they really didn't have the votes for teven with their own party. there was so much fenagelling to get it passed. whether hillary koop could have gotten it done. she's a disciple of the same community organizer organizer ar that inspired obama. to me, it would be 6 of one, half a dozen of the other. >> has either one of them done anything that impressed you? >> you know, again, this question, i get this question all the time. obama done anything to impress me. he's played 10 times the round
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of golf that i have played this year. but i'm not -- the root of that question is -- is there anything nice -- they may be perfectly nice people, gret a. i am strictly oriented toward policy. in the area of policy, there is -- well, i guess obama was honest last december when he acknowledged that he had to extend the bush tax cuts in the lame-duck session of congress. if you listen to what he was saying a year ago, last december, versus this december, two different people. last year, we couldn't end the bush tax rate cuts because that would be a huge tax inexrees on the middle class. now, wait a minute. up until then, the democrats and obama said, no, no, no, the bush tax cuts were for the rich only. the bush tax rate reductions were across the board for everybody. obama did not want to get rid of
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those last year because he did not want people with less money in their back pocket to get a tax increase in his re-election year. that irritated his base. so now he had to promise, january on to this year to get rid of t. bush tax cuts are the big enemy. he is going to raise the taxes on the rich, totally disingenuous, but he was honest about the bush tax cuts and the damage that would be caused if they got rid of them. >> much more with rush limbaugh. he has a big warning for republicans. what does he say could cost them the 2012 election? that's next.
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>> greta: rush limbaugh ditious out words of warning, saying the g.o.p. face ace big problem in 2012. what is it? here's rush limbaugh. why has governor mitt romney not well a so-called surge? we hear surge with basically every republican nominee. but you don't see that surge with governor romney? >> well, every poll i have seen of republican primary voters, he can't crack 30%. it has been curious. you look at it from the reverse,
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70% of republican voters want member else. this is why we have a phenomenon of the not romney. bachmann and then herman cain now newt is the not romney. i think it boils down to something that is not complicated at all. republican primary voters are conservative. they don't believe that romney is. they believe that he will stick a finger in the air and moist moisten it and see which way the winds are blowing and try to get in that direction. romney said he believes in global warming and that man is causing it. the conservatives don't believe that. they believe it's a hoax. conservatives know that the story is a hoax. they are not going to get excited by a candidate who is trying to gain favor with nonrepublican primary voters by articulating them. here's the big problem, greta, for the republicans. i am a lone wolf on this.
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the rule of thumb in elections, both parties, 40% are going to vote democrat uwhatever you do, 40% are going to vote republican, whatever do you. in the middle, who doe we have? precious independents and the moderates. and they are the targets. they're are the focus of every election. our brilliant campaign consultants tell our candidates they are the ones that know how to get a majority of those independents. we have, as republicans, put ourselves in prison to this twhoal silly notion that you only win elections by moving to the center and getting great independents. fine and dandy, but if you squander your base in the process, you haven't a prayer. the republican party is trying to do something in this primary that is unprecedented. they are trying to split the conservative vote and win the primary with a moderate. mitt romney, it's the other way around, normally.
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you consolidate the base and then you move to the center. but the republican establishment has decided they don't want any part of conservatives. the republican party formative event, the goldwater landslide, that's what they think when they think conservative. they don't think reagan. they think goldwater. they believe what the inside-the-beltway flos way is, they are racist, sexist, bigot, southern hicks. they are pro-lifers, they are embarrassing to have to go to convention with them. they are embarrassed. they are dumb. they are not erudite, but we don't want to hang around them and we don't want anybody in washington to think that we are that close to them. so in the process, it's a very sophisticated electorate, the republican primary voter can
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sense that the republican party really doesn't like them or want them, thinks they are the root to defeat. that's the problem. the republican establishment thinks that the conservative nominee is the root to defeat because they think that goldwater landslides are going to happen because they believe what the popular misconception, the left has created of conservatives. they think everybody thinks that. so this is the craziest thing, listen to this. i love this! barbara boxer said yesterday that republicans with this latest bill on the payroll tax and the pipeline want to kill 8100 people. 8100 people, barbara boxer, republicans want to kill 8100 people. republicans want dirty air, dirty water, republican ceos want to kill their customers. you have mean-spirited extremist stuff from harry reid and
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pelosi's mouth. have you our candidates. there was a fascinating news story on yahoo news. yahoo inadvertently was invited to a conference call with rnc and a polling group, seeking advice on how to beat obam a. the people at torrance said, don't criticize him personally. he has very high personal number, people love him and even feel sorry for him want don't attack obama. you lose. if that's what you are going to do, you lose. you can't separate obama from his policy. don't bring up bill ayers. don't go personal, people like obam a. okay. put yourself in a straitjacket, you lose that. belief system is rooted in the fact of that great 20% in the middle, the independents don't like conflict, don't like criticism of obama, don't like confrontation. they wantitous work together
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across the aisle, compromise. fine. really? so we criticize obama, they are going to run off with nancy pelosi or barbara boxer, accusing us of killing people. they look at democrats as mild-mannered compromise. that's a bunch of crap! greta, this whole notion that the republicans can't be confrontational, can't be aggressive and go on offense because they will tick off the independents and send them running to democrats is a scam philosophy that has been foisted upon us to shut us up. it's a minor version of political correctness, we are not supposed to be critical of liberalism or socialism. what do we do? we nominate milquetoast moderates. what do they do? they lose! i actual lie think that if you could get -- you talk to these guys, republican establishment, elected officials, party
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officials, certain inside-the-beltway media, ask if obama can be beat, they will tell you, they are scared. they are on defense. nobody won anything defending anything. you win on offense. you win attacking. you don't win defending anything. you can't advance. you are always defending, you can't advance. so we have this notion that i think they believe obama can't lose. but they want the senate back. they want their chairmanships. they want the congress back so they think they can stop obama that wasm but more importantly, they are in charge. they get the committee chairmanships and they are in charge of the money. i would rather have somebody who knows that obam can be beat and wants obama to be beat. that's going to be somebody who is conservative. not moderate, not squeamish, not populist. we don't need a candidate who will try to say things or be
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things he doesn't believe or really isn't to try to pick off a couple of independents or democrats here. i think that conserveatism appeals to everybody, passion, good cheer, conserveatism is about the best for everybody. it's about the best everybody can be, using whatever ambition and desire they have. not shackles, we don't look at people and say, you can't do that. we don't look at people with contempt, like the democratic party and see the fail that you are needs to be guided from the time they are born to the time they die. it's obscene. >> coming up, why are some republicans -- yes republicans, savaging the former speaker house and republican newt gingrich? are they picking on him? have they chosen a candidate? we have rush limbaugh those questions. and you will hear those answers. that's
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>> the claws come out. the g.o.p. race gets ugly, as political leaders turn on members of their own party. once again, here's rush limbaugh. >> greta: it seeps that a number of republican who is served with speaker gingrich are going after him with greatir ferocity -- they are ferociously going after him. senator coburn, governor
10:29 pm
sinunew. is that different? >> well, it's interesting to me. it is not just those guys. it's -- i have been chronicling it last week and this. this is the inside-the-beltway republican media. george will called hitch a marxist. he never called obama a marxist. i don't pretend to know with a person, like coburn, he won't say, it's something about leadership. that's as far as he went. i don't know what some of newt's colleague who is worked with him who don't like him or have problems, i don't know what happens... i wasn't there. i know that robert walker, who there was, is trying to counter balance this thing. he was great as speaker of the house. but i think, strip all of this away. i really think it is largely an attack on newt because they're afraid he might win.
10:30 pm
and the republican establishment is wired into romney. that's what they had their heart set on, they had their heart set on romney winning. not a drawn-out process with a lot of money in the primary process, not have to go through destructive, intra-party fights, get rom nerks be done with it and move on to the general and start focusing on obam a. i think a lot of ducks inspector a row for that to happen. but they are frustrated because we talked earlier, romney still has 65, 70% of republicans that say no in a poll. cain surged and the women surfaced -- where are they now? i still don't know what he did. there hasn't been one -- or i missed it -- one cluesive bitted of evidence. but it was such a wave that it was forthcoming that he had to get out. it was distracting. family didn't like it.
10:31 pm
now it's newt's turn. whoever comes the anti-romney is going to get this kind of treatment because i think there is just a commitment to romney in the upper levels of the republican party. >> greta: why is the upper part of the republican party interested in romney? >> they think he's the only guy who can beat obama. but they really -- greta -- don't doat doubt me. you get into the bowels of these people. have you had them on your show. i don't want to name name, but the republican establishment, the hire arky and the media, they are scared to death of obam a. so the calculation is, best opportunity, the only electable in this field, they think is romney. even if he doesn't win, he has enough down hill to pull and take back the senate, which is i think their real objective, if they work on and they tell you, that's what they think the most realistic objective is is to
10:32 pm
capture the senate and get their chairmanships back. if you remember in the 2010 mid-term, the establishment just came unglued at christine odonald and sharon angle because they were convince audio both of those candidates, very conservative, their opponents weren't, they were straight down-the-middle, moderate, rhino-republican. but they thought they had a better chance of winning. the republican party's not about conservativism and ideology. that was a big wake-up call for me. there is no conservative movement inside the beltway. it's all outside washington. and a lot of conservative voters... are just starting to realize that in the last few short years. >> greta: are the conservative voters the same thing as the tea party? the same people? >> yeah. but a lot of conservatives are not -- didn't join the tea party -- tea party is not the
10:33 pm
universe. look it -- i think that a lot of these precious 20% independents, undecided voters, i think in there are a lot of conservative who is won't admit it because to do so in the wrong crowd -- ohhhh! you listen to -- extremist! you are pro-- pro-- they don't want to deal with the criticism. but the old reagan democrats. i don't think obamga has a lock on them at all. in fact, greta, gosh, this is so profound -- three weeks ago now, it was a monday in the new york times, a guy named thomas d. edsel who usessed to write for the washington post, is wong of the big honchos at the huffing torn post, which admitted, they are not interested in white, working-class family votes, they are writing them off. they don't think they can get
10:34 pm
them. they are not going to pursue white, working life class families. take the race out of this. i don't mean this in a racial sense. they aren't going after working people, other than union working people, they are going after the poor. they will try to consolidate the poor, people who are not working or paying taxes, that's why the class warfare and the 99% versus 1% b.s. that's why the rich aren't paying their fair share, people who are not working, aren't contributing, aren't doing anything to move the country forward and telling them, they are the entitlement. they are the ones screwed, the rich are only rich because they stole it from you. you know, we are going to get it back to you, which they have been telling people for 50 years and the poor are still poor. and the minorities are still the minorities. nothing ever changes. they do not improve people's lives. by group or by individuals. but they talk a good game of
10:35 pm
compassion. they own that moniker. so people invest in the hope that their lives are going to get better, voting for democrats. i would rather depend on myself than a politician who i don't know who tells me he is looking out for my best interest. but how can he be? that's self-interest. try to be the best you can be. adam smith, wealth of nations, 1776. i forget the exact phrase, he said, when guto the butcher, the butcher doesn't give you meat because he's a nice guy, he's selling you meat so his family eats. you benefit, too. he's a butcher. he's cutting up bee. he's selling it. you buy t. he benefits. what we are facing now is that the people from occupy wall street yeah, but the butcher's
10:36 pm
making a profit. it's not fair. he's making a profit offr off people. but if he didn't, there would be no reason to do what he's doing. they think that people ought to work for nothing. people ought to be whatever government gives them. they think their needs and wants thereby supplied that way. there won't be anybody who has risk in life and sadness or disappointment. and obama nurtures that, which is unamerican. it's -- it's not the way the human beings are built. it is not the way this country was built. it is not the way -- i am amazed. this country is less than 250 years old, smaller than 300 million people. there are countries and populations that have been around thousands of years. and yet, we are a super power. our dna's no different than anybody in europe or asia. we are not better people. we are not created specially, differently, more blessed, smarter, whatever. how did this happen?
10:37 pm
it has to be freedom, our founding documents. it has to be the notion that this nation's built on self reliance and be the best you can be and you bring everybody in your family and your neighborhood with you. but now that's a crime. democrat -- that's a crime. obama said, this business, taking care of yourself, we can't have that. looking out for yourself, that disbts work. never has worked. well, it has. it worked better than anything else, including anything he has tried. >> greta: up next, more from rush limbaugh on the presidential campaign and what does rush say is really behind the fast and furious scandal? rush will tell you. plus, is rush making a career change? you won't believe what he has brewing. you'll hear all about it. you'll hear all about it. that's coming u [ male announcer ] sometimes a hint
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>> north korea announcing it is confidently entering a new era of leadership, while warning not to expect changes. the national defense system says the country is uniting around unijune, declaring him the supreme ruler of the party and the military. that coming 11 days after the official mourning of his father, lovieanne jung. the white house finalizing plans for a $30 billion deal to sell fighter jets to saudi arabia, getting new fighter jets and upgrades for 70 more.
10:41 pm
the obama administration saying the deal will support 50,000 jobs. the sale is seen as part of an effort to keep iran in check. pro-israel lawmakers expressed concern about the deal. but the white house warning them that the military edge of israel will not be undercut by the deal. go to for your latest headlines. >> greta: now our candid conversation with rush limbaugh continues. let's take detroit with an unemployment number in the inner city of upwards of 25%. and it is absolutely disgraceful that a community is suffering so. what would you do? >> get rid of every liberal in government. what is the one constant in detroit, all of these years? been run by liberals. liberal ideology. liberal mechanics. liberal belief system.
10:42 pm
detroit... other places, a micrososm of where europe is and where we are headed, unchecked, unstopped liberalism. for those of you who like the committeeic party, that's where we are headed. there hasn't been any opposition there, not of any strength or power. take a look. that's the one thing that is constant. it was the same thing in new orleans. post katrina. what's the one thing that was constant there? all run by liberals. all run by democrats. what is happening to california? all liberal all the time. tax rates out the wazoo. 12%, state on top of federal, taxing the rich even more. people are leaving for idaho, start businesses elsewhere. problem is liberalism. people watching say, that's too
10:43 pm
simplistic. it's really not. it's right. it's correct. that's the one constant. the belief that government can do better for everybody than individuals can do for themselves. the belief that individuals are inherently corrupt and government is angelic. and so government will take care of the individual corruption by somehow making sure that everybody's equal and has the same. but government doesn't know how to produce anything. obama runs around and says all of that -- it's never worked stuff. how did you get here, pal? you got here on a 747. you wouldn't know the first thing to do if you had to make one. that suit -- what have you done -- where did that come from? your shoes. the car you drive around in. the white house. i mean, just, this stuff happened by mag snick how does this stuff get produced? this guy is running around ripping this country, as having never worked before and he
10:44 pm
hasn't contributed one thing. and yet, he has all the worry sos -- all the answers on health care, jobs. and it's absurd. he hasn't contributed anything to the greatness of this country. he is trying to take credit for the war in iraq. he spent, along with every other democrat in the senate, 7 years, 5 years, undermining it, sabotaging, unjust war, immoral. harry reid -- this war is a loss. and general petraeus -- thy did everything they could to sabotage it. and now he's talk about this greatness of america. this, a democrat outpost in iraq, the greatest sacrifice -- he thought fought it, he thought it was stupid. he didn't think it was possible. now? he is taking credit for it? if efs really this great
10:45 pm
unifier, he would have brought george bush with him to ft. brag to the press conference with al-maliki. he doesn't want to do that. i think he is happy that we are divided and there is chaos because all that means, another excuse, another reason for a government action of some kind, a government program to fix it. >> greta: what is the role of government? >> government...: spelled out, ideally and flawlessly and perfectly in the constitution. the first 10 amendments limit what government can do. and fdr and obama have both said that that's a big obstacle. they call that negative liberties. the constitution, to them, is negdifliberties because it says what government can't do. they want to change it.
10:46 pm
fast & furious -- i am sure you and your audience -- you know what that was about? and the. >> greta: mails now prove it. obama doesn't have the votes. the american people like the second amendment. the democratic party has lost the argument, intellectually, so let's get guns from arizona gun shops into the hands of drug cartels and wipe people out and spread the news that the guns came from america, which obama did -- he went to mexico and had a conservation with calderone. we are supposed to be outraged and sign on to gun control. this was an effort around the second amendment. that's what fast & furious is -- or what. >> greta: let me add something about that fast & furious. because i was down there at the time. there is a lot of upset saying that the guns came from america. the atf told me -- i remember it just because i thought it was odd, that the guns came from china and belgium through the
10:47 pm
united states. and that's -- >> but they were in the united states at in point and ended up in mexico. >> greta: but that has set fib people on fire, as to the source of the guns. >> it did what? >> greta: the whole idea was the nra is when someone said the guns came from the united states, they dbut two other countries were using it as a corridor. >> right. >> greta: that has been a source of great consternation and fighting amongst everyone on the gun issue. >> well, guns may not have been made here. but their ultimate point of sale was here. they ended up here, wherever they came from -- i don't care. i don't understand why that's an issue. they were in gun shops in america and end up in a drug cartedle. >> greta: i think it was a vailed policy on a law enforcement operation. i didn't see it as an effort to
10:48 pm
defeat the second amendment. just a terribly stupid idea. >> they have the emails. cbs news uncovered the emails and amazingly, in a random act of journalism, actually published them. the emails -- i forget, they are justice department emails. it spells out exactly what i said, that the purpose of this program was to arouse anti-gun sentiment among the american population. >> greta: who do you think the president campaign fears more tactically to run against, romney or gingrich? >> those two probably gingrich. >> greta: why? >> because of romneycare. i think -- i am a lone wolf on this, by the way. the republican establishment and the media republican establishment whom i have referenced frequently on your show here...
10:49 pm
believe that newt -- that obama -- oh, they are -- oh, please give us newt. see, i never think that the democrats are trying to help us. when they tell us what the worst things we can do is, it's the opsilt. why would they tell us that oh, please give us newt? if they eye think romneycare, they think they can destroy romney because that is obamacare and romney's advisers have said so. his people helped him put it together. yeah, it was the model for obamacare. they think it takes cash careawftd table because romney can be targeted or mentioned as having supported it and implemented it in massachusetts, which he won't renounce.
10:50 pm
>> greta: straight ahead, the man behind the microphone. what is rush limbaugh's greatest passion? he will tell you himself, that's ne i'm trading everywhere... on one of the most powerful mobile apps out there. i'm trading here every day. and i'm customizing everything. everything. from thought, to trade. i'm with scottrade. i'm with scottrade. i'm with scottrade. and seven dollar trades are just the start. ♪ [ rodger ] with innovations like our powerful mobile app and free scottrader streaming quotes, no wonder more investors are saying... i'm with scottrade! no wonder more investors are saying... why nature made? they were the first to be verified by the usb. an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards.
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>> you're an years old. you have $5,000 to your name. what would you do. >> i would like for a job >> greta: doing ha? >> i knew i wanted to do radio when i was 12. i hated school. getting ready for school every morning, my mother had the radio on and that guy was having fun. and i was having drudgery. so i. ed to do what that guy was
10:54 pm
doing. i loved music. i wanted to be a d.j. i would find my passion and whatever it was, wile horses couldn't stop me. i would find a we to get paid doing it. which is essentially what i did. >> greta: no plan "b"? >> no! well... i don't think you can go wrong if do you what you love, if you are pursuing what you love, you will eventually find it, your ambition, your desire will get you there. your sticktoitiveness, they will get you there. then however much you want to apply yourself, that's up to you. but i -- i did give up on radio when i was 28. the d.j., i figured, i'm too old. but i went to work for the kansas city royals. after 3 years, that grew old, corporate structure, button down. i am not a conformist. i didn't fit. those five years i was thrrk the
10:55 pm
first five years of my life i was out of a radio station, i saw the tworld differently, met people i wouldn't otherwise met. i decided to go back to radio because it was what i was best at. i was better five days off the radio, the first day i was on, than i was the 12 previous. i don't know. i decided to go to spoken word. i wanted to understand if i could be the reason -- not guests, singers, music, i wanted to find out if i could be the reason. i got lucky. i found a radio station in sacramento. and all i ever did was stay dedicated to my desires. i didn't have $5,000 when i was 18. i didn't have anything. >> greta: it worked out okay. >> it has. it has. rush, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> greta: thank you. coming up, rush limbaugh's own version of a tea party. and you are invited.
10:56 pm
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>> greta: rush limbaugh is giving us the scoop on his brewing business. rush developed his own brand of bottled tea. right now he's only selling online and rush ran a contest for fans. fans were asked to come up with a video to advertise the tea. and rush was pleased the create activity. check out one of the finalists. ♪ [ music ] . >> that is some creative marketing. >> rush lost


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